Monday, 10 October 2016

Important Boundary Lines

Durand Line:   Pakistan and Afghanistan

Hindenberg Line: Germany and Poland

Line of Control: Divide kashmir between India and Pakistan.

Maginot Line: France and Gemany

Mannerheim Line: Russia and Finland

McMohan Line:  India and China

Oder Niesse Line: Germany and Poland

Radcliffe Line: Demarcation between India and Pakistan

Seigfrid Line: Germany and France

17th Parallel: North Vietnam and South Vietnam

24th Parallel: Line which Pakistan claims for demarcation between India and Pakistan. This, however ,is not recognized by India.

Mason-Dixon Line: Demarcation between four states in the United States.

26 Parallel: It is circle of latitude which crosses through Africa, Australia and South America.

36 Parallel: Southernmost boundary of State of Missouri with State of Arkansas.

49 Parallel: USA and Canada

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